flat die

For the fulfilment of various industrial applications, Bandera customizes its equipment to satisfy all the final applications requirement.

  • Single or twin screw extruders with possibility of mineral fillers (pellets / powder) inclusion
  • Single or multi-manifold flat extrusion die equipment
  • Robust and highly engineered calender stack with vertical / sloped / horizontal configuration
  • Lamination systems for the production of composite materials (combination with plastic films, textile materials, synthetic nets, reinforcing pads, etc.)
  • Heavy duty longitudinal and transversal cutting systems
  • Downstream equipment with different grades of automatization (sheeters / stackers, winders, conveyors, etc.)
forniture industry

Extrusion line for furniture industry

Typical raw materials: PET, ABS-PMMA
The furniture film is a very high quality demanding product, no aesthetical imperfections are tolerated. Thanks to the experience gathered in the last years, the Bandera HVTSE twin screw technology meets all customer’s expectations with additional advantages for

• avoiding drying and dehumidification process with amazing energy saving
• processing multiple raw materials and widest thickness range
• allowing quick colour & recipe switch-over
• optimizing clean-room environment

Extrusion line for Optical sheet

Typical raw materials: PC, PMMA, PET-G, PS-K, SAN
Top quality materials for top quality features: perfect transparency with no optical distortion, brilliance and brightness for prestigious architectural uses, physical-mechanical characteristics in compliance with the final application.
Specific extrusion, calendering and downstream arrangements to ensure a cutting edge production.

Extrusion line for Lenticular sheet

Typical raw materials: PET-G, PMMA, PC, PS-K
The new printed cards – having 3D motion or morphing effect – require high accuracy of both the design (LPI) of the manufactured sheet and the extrusion line components, which need a higher level of precision to ensure the reliable creation of the micro-lens embossing on the plastic sheet.

Extrusion line for industrial applications

Typical raw materials: PP, PE, PS, ABS-PMMA, ASA, SBS
Customized sheet extrusion lines destined for the production of

• high-impact / shock-proof products for automotive industry
• refrigerators components
• sanitary & caravan elements
• building flooring / roofing, road pavements
• low thickness stationery sector

high thick sheet

High-thick sheet extrusion line

Typical raw materials: HDPE, PP
The line is intended for products destined to chemical-industrial applications (liquid tanks), automotive field (i.e. pick-up external covers), cut flatbeds, technical components.
The high molecular weight resins ensure extraordinary chemical and physical-mechanical features (cut/abrasion/impact resistance); it is possible to add mineral fillers in extrusion to further improve some of the final product characteristics.

Extrusion line for geomembrane

Typical raw materials: Polyolefines
Today the geo-lines need to produce flat or embossed sheets (with customized patterns) keeping weldable areas for the land placement; geomembranes must be resistant to atmospheric agents and with adequate mechanical properties for the application.
The Bandera proposal can reach the widest market request (sheets up to 8000 mm); these impressive machines require skill-design and know-how to integrate all these features into an efficient production line.

Extrusion line for water-proofing membranes

Typical raw materials: Polyolefines, Technical Polymers, glass fibre and mineral fillers
Multi-layer composite waterproof membranes may require multiple flat dies installation (single or multi-manifold) and special lamination devices to encapsulate textile / synthetic / reinforced supports / special plastic layers according to specific customer’s needs. The high characteristics of the final product allow a wide application range: foundations, tunnels, subways, swimming pools, etc.

Extrusion line for automotive

Typical raw materials: Polyolefines, mineral fillers, stabilizers and plasticizers.
Turn-key extrusion plant including specific extrusion systems (twin screw) and lamination devices for the production of internal components of the car / automotive industry.
Because of its high mixing capacity the co-rotating twin screw extruder is the perfect solution for these products, where raw materials in different form (granules, powder, liquid, etc.) are used to run “top-secret recipes” for a market leading position.
The in-house manufacturing capability combined with the long experience and skills of the Engineering Team allow Bandera to ensure a cutting edge production feature.

Extrusion line for solar panels

Typical raw materials: EVA
A new frontier in the plastic sheet extrusion where Bandera demonstrated again its pioneer-spirit.
Besides the typical single or multi-layer sheet extrusion lines for the production of the EVA inner layer of the composite solar panel combination, Bandera achieved new R&D solutions thanks to the cooperation with specialized Customers.

Pet Lines

PET Lines

Rigid Film

Rigid Film

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Special Technologies

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